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What's new in 4.1
11 August 2016


Minfos Heart

 Delivering more capabilities to help you become a great retailer!


The Minfos version 4 release is a major milestone. Most stores have already updated. Here's a rundown of what you can expect!


  • 6th Community Pharmacy Agreement initiatives
  • Better robotics integration
  • Better label maintenance
  • Better category maintenance
  • New price manager
  • Coming! New centralised ordering
  • Coming! New packing capability




What’s New?


6th Community Pharmacy Agreement initiatives

Maintaining regulatory compliance

To ensure your software is compliant, Minfos has continued to meet the requirements of the 6th Community Pharmacy Agreement (6CPA) initiatives.


This includes:

  • Integration with the Chemotherapy Compounding
  • Payment Scheme
  •  Ability to dispense from a compliant Hospital Medication
  • Chart (HMC)


We will help you to be compliant with government regulations.


Robotics integration

Maximise efficiency in your dispensary with Minfos' new robotic interface.

  • Access real time robot SOH
  • Filter to show out-of-stock products or variance's in stock levels between Minfos SOH and robot SOH
  • Deliver packs from the robot with or without dispensing a script
  • Load an order into the robot and it will automatically be marked off in Minfos


Interested in using the new Minfos interface? Talk to your robotics vendor for more information.


Label Maintenance

Manage and personalise your pharmacy’s price labels

  • Enhance your price labels by adding your logo, highlight key information, change the background and more
  • Create your own shelf talkers to support in-store promotions or members’ prices
  • Share personalised label templates between your pharmacies


Create and share label templates and share it with your pharmacies.


Category Maintenance

Effectively manage your categories from one location.

  • Share categories and their associated products between your pharmacies.
  • Apply GP% or Markup% guidelines for each of your categories.
  • View the number of products associated with each category.


Easily share categories and their associated products with your pharmacies.


Price Manager

Effortlessly review your retail pricing.

  • Filter by categories, orders, price policies and more
  • Manage your KVI's
  • Control the pricing of KVI’s separately to non-KVI’s
  • Review suggested new pricing based on GP% or Markup% guidelines without affecting your current retail pricing
  • Change pricing on a product-by-product basis and review all prices from the one screen
  • Apply the new prices with one click
  • Set pricing to auto-round to the nearest 5c or 9c
  • Report on your price changes and send new prices to the label queue


Publish your retail pricing to your other pharmacies.



What’s coming?


Centralised Ordering

Centrally order for all of your stores directly from multistore head office.

  • Centrally generate or manually create orders for your stores
  • Generate orders by using your buying and purchasing history, set minimum order quantities and projected sales
  • View stock on hand (SOH) across your stores
  • Integrate with Symbion and PharmX to create and send orders
  • Create and print, or export orders to direct suppliers
  • View the status of orders and get notified when stores receive and complete orders


Minfos will identify stores in your group that have surplus stock of the products in your order, to assist with optimising stock holdings




Efficiently manage Dose Administration Aids.

  • Manage patient profiles
  • Integration with DoseAid and Meditec
  • Electronically maintain patient’s medication balances using the virtual pillbox (VPB)
  • Filter to view VPB balances that are low or negative
  • Automatically update the VPB when a script is dispensed
  • Replenish balances by queuing required scripts directly from the VPB
  • Manage medication into trays for blister DAA’s


Minfos Quick Dispense reduces double handling by streamlining the dispense and packing workflow.



Click to read the latest Minfos 4.1.2 Release Notes  pdf white