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Register to Minfos and My Health Records
30 October 2017

My Health Record is an electronic summary of an individual’s health information that can be shared securely online between the individual and registered healthcare providers.

We are pleased to advise Minfos and My Health Record are integrating to ultimately support you to deliver better health care and service to your patients.


Using this system will allow you to: 

  • Upload dispense record to the My Health Record system.
  • Access important patient information when needed, including medical history, medications prescribed, discharge summaries, allergies, adverse reactions and immunisations.
  • Help patients, including those with chronic and complex conditions, to better manage their health. Spend more time with your patients – less time chasing clinical information and investigations.

Register for the My Health Record system


In order to access and effectively use the My Health Record system, you will first need to:

  1. Register your pharmacy online.
  2. Minfos will configure your dispensing software and digital eCertificates (Medicare and NASH PKI Certificates) to access the My Health Record system.

For assistance with the registration process, please refer to the Helpful Resources below. If you have any questions about the online application, contact ADHA Help Centre on 1300 901 001.


Helpful resources



Prepare now (registration completion can take up to 6 weeks) and we will be in touch to set you up. If your pharmacy is already registered for the My Health Record system, please contact us to organise a time for configuration.