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Minfos rolls out Active Script List (ASL)
13 August 2021

Minfos introduces a new feature in its Dispense workflow, enabling pharmacists to efficiently dispense from a patient’s Active Script List (ASL). This new functionality is now available to all Minfos customers.


The updated workflow allows pharmacists to use Minfos to:

  • Register a patient for ASL
  • Gain a patient’s consent to access their ASL, either on a temporary or ongoing basis
  • View scripts stored in a patient’s ASL
  • Dispense single or multiple eScripts from the patient’s ASL
  • Update the remaining repeats against the patient's ASL


Whatever script type a patient brings to the pharmacy – paper, eScript token or eScripts stored in their ASL, pharmacists will be able to use Minfos to dispense immediately or to electronically queue the script.

This streamlined approach reduces the learning curve for pharmacists. It also makes it easier for pharmacies to adapt their dispensary workflow to incorporate electronic scripts as it becomes more commonplace in time.


“ASL is particularly important to patients who have a chronic illness and are being prescribed multiple medications,” said Andrew Hall, Symbion General Manager for Pharmacy Technology.


We expect that, over time, more and more patients will adopt ASL and it’s important pharmacists using Minfos can seamlessly dispense scripts, no matter which prescribing method a patient prefers,” he said.


“Ultimately, this standardised approach will help improve dispensary efficiency and help pharmacists make better clinical decisions,” he said.


Pharmacist Carina Marais from Eli Pharmacy in Queensland, one of Minfos’ ASL pilot sites, said that having the ability to dispense from ASL will be important as more patients realise the benefits of this evolution in prescription management.


“In my experience, most patients have been very eager to sign up for an ASL once they understand the benefits. For example, I recently had a customer who thought he had a current token on his phone, but unfortunately, it had already been dispensed. I explained to him that if he had any current electronic prescriptions, we will be able to see it in ASL. So, we signed him up and sure enough, he did and I could dispense his medication from his ASL and let him know that I sent his repeats to ASL. He was so grateful and thought it was fantastic!"


“ASL will make life so much easier and I hope more prescribers and patients will jump onboard,” she said.


To find out more watch our videos resources on ASL, contact Minfos on or phone us on 1300 887 418.


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