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Minfos integrates with DD-Book
18 February 2014

Minfos now integrates with DD-Book®, the electronic controlled drug register by Methsof®.


If you're already a DD-Book user, managing your S8 supplies just got easier! We've teamed up with Methsof to enable your S8 script data to automatically flow through from Minfos to DD-Book, to save you time with every S8 drug supply, and to improve the accuracy of your entries.

To arrange for integration, contact your Minfos area account manager or the Minfos support team. Minfos integration is charged to your account at $20 each month (Note: Minfos version 3.4.2 or higher is required for integration.)

Not using DD-Book? Head to the Methsof website to find out more about DD-Book features and pricing, and to download your free 30-day trial.


Visit Methsof website Opens in new window.


DD-Book is currently compliant with health authorities to replace paper-based controlled drug registers in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.


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