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Peter Pitt - Tasmania

Tassie pharmacy network goes from strength to strength with Minfos.


A long-time customer, Peter Pitt, explains why Minfos is his multi-pharmacy group's software of choice.
Peter Pitt, a great advocate of the Minfos system, uses Minfos software across his four Tasmanian pharmacies located all over the Apple Isle. Peter first introduced the Minfos system to his pharmacies back in 2000 to simplify his accounting processes and streamline his financial reporting.  Prior to then, a variety of financial reports in different formats used to cross his desk – all drawn from different sources. This meant the data was not always reliable, and was difficult to compile, compare and ‘mine’ for the right information.

Minfos immediately streamlined the inefficient and frustrating accounting processes, simplifying data handling, eliminating double-entry, and improving the accuracy of financial reports.


“The Minfos accounting function means that staff can enter financial data, and they tend to do this more carefully as they know it only goes in only once – into one system that is comprehensively managing the figures,” Peter explains.


“If we weren’t using the Minfos system, then we’d probably be using something like MYOB, and that would mean we’d need to key everything twice, and doubling the potential for error”.


The Minfos system gives Peter the ability to view up-to-date reports on sales figures, stock-on-hand, outgoings and much more, making his accounting duties and business management a lot simpler.


Peter, who is currently busy implementing Minfos Multistore across his four pharmacies, is very happy with the back up he receives from the Minfos support team. 

For more information about the Minfos system, or to arrange an obligation-free demonstration, please call 1300 887 418.