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How can your pharmacy benefit from linking customers to a master account?

There are several benefits to your pharmacy when you link related customers to a master account. These include the ability to:

  • Quickly and accurately charge to a master account
  • Manage a single account for multiple customers
  • Reduce your pharmacy’s overall number of customer accounts and the time required to manage them
  • Ability to issue one statement, instead of multiple, which reduces time spent by you and the customer manually reconciling accounts


When to link customers to a master account

Here are some examples of when you could consider linking one or more customers to a master account:

  • Families e.g. a husband to a wife’s account or children to a parent’s account
  • RACF resident to the Nursing Home account
  • In-patients to a hospital account
  • Organisation members to a master account

How to easily link a customer to a master account

From the customer’s profile simply select the master account you want to link to. By following this process, you can link multiple customers to one account.

Once linked, the master account will be pre-selected when charging the customer during the following processes:

  • Invoicing to an account in Dispense or at the Till
  • Charging to Pill box or Third-party packing
  • Automatic charging as part of End of Day


Learn how to link a customer to a master account here.


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