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3 Ways Active Script List can build customer loyalty in your pharmacy


This is a guest post by Brenton Hart – Chief Pharmacist of TerryWhite Chemmart


Here are some insights into eScript management. In this feature, TerryWhite Chemmart Chief Pharmacist, Brenton Hart shares his expertise around the use of Active Script List (ASL) to build pharmacy customer loyalty.


At TerryWhite Chemmart (TWC), we focus on helping our pharmacists build their business and help them drive better health outcomes for their local communities.

The launch of ASL will likely become one of the most critical events in the digital revolution of community pharmacy. It could define what success or failure looks like in relation to the ongoing battle for customer acquisition and retention.


So, what are 3 ways ASL can build customer loyalty in your pharmacy?


1. ASL gives you the opportunity to ingrain a customer into your pharmacy and its culture.

Driving ASL for most will mean proactively connecting with your patients, old and new, to offer assisted registration to ASL at your pharmacy.


While this key first-step will need investment with precious pharmacist time and resources, it is important not to view this process as a burden. We should focus on this as an opportunity to empower our patients by providing them with choice of the method of ePrescription management that best suits their personal preferences.


It’s also an opportunity to talk about how much you value their custom; how you want to be their pharmacist and to plant seeds that helps ingrain the customer in your unique market differentiators and pharmacy culture.


2. ASL provides convenience.

It is critical that our customers can access their medications and other pharmacy services on their own terms. How will you embed ASL along with tokens and paper scripts into a seamless and efficient workflow that supports a truly convenient end-to-end customer experience? How will you integrate these with your pharmacy’s App and other digital channels?


These are questions that you will need to consider and take action to address to ensure ASL makes for a seamless customer experience.


3. ASL can be leveraged to drive other key pharmacy services.

From a customer perspective, ASL will appeal most to those managing multiple medications or managing medications for others.


As for pharmacists, ASL provides us with a less fragmented overview of our customers’ prescription profiles. We have a bigger opportunity than ever before to improve adherence and reduce medication misadventure. I am looking forward to having a shared view of medication profiles with ASL and of course, no more lost prescriptions! This enhanced visibility means growing our services like medication reviews, while Dose Administration Aids make a lot more sense than ever before.


Assisting customers to improve medication adherence through the better management of their prescriptions not only results in better health outcomes, but also a potential increase in customer visits throughout the year.


Watch the eScripts with ASL webinar now.


Brenton HartAuthor bio

Brenton Hart is the Chief Pharmacist for TerryWhite Chemmart. He has 10+ years’ experience in managing and operating pharmacies. Brenton enjoys strategising on how community pharmacies can achieve their full potential as a business, deliver better patient outcomes and build a stronger connection with their communities.