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2020 snapshot of Minfos pricing


Pricing overview

Deploying the right pricing strategies within your pharmacy sets the foundation for profit and growth. Minfos offers a number of tools to help you to effortlessly manage pricing, categories and to identify areas for growth. These include:

  • A single screen to quickly review and price products
  • Update product pricing individually or in bulk (e.g. categories, KVI and etc)
  • Efficiently conduct pricing reviews and analyse pricing strategies across categories, orders, pricing policies, gross profit percentage (GP%) and more
  • Review the effect on your GP% before implementing price updates to products
  • Set GP% or mark-up % performance guidelines for categories
  • Choose and set products as Known Value Items (KVIs)
  • Auto-round new product price (e.g. nearest 5 or 9 cents)


Automatically clear the Price Changes Report

Recently, we updated the Price Changes Report. You now have a configuration option that will clear the report automatically during the End of Day process. This helps prevent the same shelf label being printed multiple times, saving you time and eliminating the need to manually clear the report. If your store does not use the price changes report, you can use the configuration option to ensure that you are not storing unnecessary price change data.


You can find our pricing management resources in our Help Centre.