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2020 snapshot of Minfos packing


Packing overview

Accurate management of Dose Administration Aids (DAAs) is a must in a pharmacy. We make it simple with our built-in packing functionality and integration. Minfos Packing enables you to:

  • Create and maintain patient profiles
  • Accurately manage medication for patients with complex dosing regimes
  • View drugs for all pack types
  • View low or negative drug balance to identify medication needing replenishment
  • Effortlessly queue scripts in dispense from Minfos Packing
  • Charge to a customer's account in 1-click (applicable for Meditec and DoseAid integrations)
  • Easily perform a bulk substitution when your preferred brand changes
  • Customise your blister template 
  • Packing runs and pack changes are recorded and can be easily accessed for future reference


We have made a number of improvements to support pharmacies that use Minfos Packing or have integrated Minfos with a Packing vendor.  These are:

  • Warning prompt when ‘Pack duration exceeds shelf life of xx days’ (applicable for pharmacies using DoseAid)
  • Ability to merge packed products
  • Audit report for merged items


Warning prompt when ‘Pack duration exceeds shelf life of xx days’

Pharmacies using Minfos Packing for DoseAid sachets will now be alerted with a warning prompt, if the ‘Pack duration exceeds shelf life of xx days.’


Merging packed products

It is now possible for a slave product in a packing profile to be merged. We have also updated the workflow for this merge to appear in all relevant areas of the packing module, including areas such as the patient profiles, medication history and packing audit reports.


Audit report for merged items

To assist Pharmacists, we have built a product merges audit report. This report displays all merges that have occurred where the slave product was in at least one patient packing profile. The report provides visibility of the patient profiles impacted by the merge.


You can find our packing resources in our Help Centre.